About us


Hello. Welcome to my website. I hope you are ready for the Smoking/Liquor CandyPipe revolution. If you are like me and my friends, then you like to enjoy yourself everyday. And having a smooth and amazing inhale is top of your list. That’s why I invented a three prong thermodynamic smoke, liquor and real candy system that mixes all three ingredients into a seamless, smooth, better than vape inhale. It’s not a chemically or heat element induced inhale. It’s natural and based on Physics and engineering only. This fact is important because heat elements are found to be a problem in that they allow unwanted chemicals to enter your lungs. CandyPipes is safer, natural and actually provides a superior inhale.
My CandyPipes are so good that I offer a 100% guarantee with each CandyPipe I sell. Take a look at the many different types of CandyPipes designed for your every smoking style. Sticky Fingaz is my friend and is known for smoking and for drinking Hennessy. While we were partying I noticed that a lot of energy was being wasted in the whole process of smoking and drinking. There, at that moment, CandyPipes was born. Then seven years of Physics and Engineering and now you can enjoy the Liquor CandyPipe Natural smoking revolution!